Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel
Album by HaClique
Released 1981
Recorded June 1981
Total Length 36:47
Format LP, CD, Hakufsa
Genre Post-Punk, New Wave, Israeli rock
Label CBS
Writer(s) Dani Dothan, Eli Avramov
Producer(s) Eli Avramov, Ovad Efrat
HaClique Album Chronology
Preceding Album ()
This Album Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel (1981)
Succeeding Album Olam Tzafuf (1983)

Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel is a 1981 album by Israeli rock band HaClique. It was released after a year of live shows and one hundred hours of recording [1] [2].

Track ListEdit

  1. Yeled Mavchena
  2. Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel
  3. Al Tishal
  4. Golem
  5. Kehut Chushim
  6. Inkubator
  7. Mastik Plastik
  8. Shat Haze'evim
  9. Zochel Al Hagachon
  10. Tzaleket Ktana
  11. Sheled Umlal
  12. Zera Nivun



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