Box set by HaClique
Released 5 July 2002
Recorded 1980, June 1981, June 1982, February 1983, 1998, September 2001, 2002
Genre New Wave, Post-Punk, Israeli rock, Electronic
Length Disc 1: 43:46
Disc 2: 47:40
Disc 3: 23:13
Language Hebrew (Except 'Bear Hug')
Label NMC Music
Producer Eli Avramov, Ovad Efrat
HaClique chronology
Hakol Mushlam (2002) Hakufsa
(The Box)
Singles from Hakufsa
  1. "Incubator"
    Released: 2002
  2. "Al Tadliku Li Ner"
    Released: 2002
  3. "Eretz Israel 2000"
    Released: 2002
Hakufsa Back
The back cover of the box set

Hakufsa (lit. The Box) (heb. הקופסה) is HaClique's 2002 box-set. It comprises their two studio albums Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel, Olam Tzafuf and Hakol Mushlam, a new album of unreleased recordings from 1998, 2001 and 2002. [1][2]

On the 3rd disc there is a video of Al Tadliku Li Ner, one of the band's most well-known songs. To promote the box set, three promo singles were released, each one featuring a track from each disc; "Incubator", "Al Tadliku Li Ner" and "Eretz Israel 2000".

Track ListEdit

Disc 1 (Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel)Edit

  1. Yeled Mavchena
  2. Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel
  3. Al Tishal
  4. Golem
  5. Kehut Chushim
  6. Incubator
  7. Mastik Plastik
  8. Sheat Haze'evim
  9. Zochel Al Hagachon
  10. Tzaleket Ktana
  11. Sheled Umlal
  12. Zera Nivun
  13. Tzaleket Ktana (Single Version)
  14. Makom Belibech

Disc 2 (Olam Tzafuf)Edit

  1. Kol Haemet
  2. Mondina
  3. Hey Yaldon
  4. Yalda Mefuneket
  5. Et Mi At Ohevet
  6. Ani Avud
  7. Al Tadliku Li Ner
  8. Nimas Li / Soarey Haimperya
  9. Bear Hug
  10. Olam Tzafuf
  11. Et Mi At Ohevet (Full Version)
  12. Kol Haemet (Dub Version)

Disc 3 (Hakol Mushlam)Edit

  1. Hakol Mushlam
  2. Shir Hemshech (Haolam Mamshich Lehistovev)
  3. Eretz Israel 2000
  4. Sivuv Hagalgal
  5. Milim Zolot
  6. Al Tadliku Li Ner (Video)



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