Al Tadliku Li Ner
Al Tadliku Li Ner
Single by HaClique from the album Olam Tzafuf
Released 1983/2002
Recorded 1983
Length 4:13
Format 12", CD
Genre Israeli rock, New Wave
Label CBS, NMC Music
Writer Dani Dothan, Eli Avramov
Musicians Dani Dothan, Eli Avramov, Ovad Efrat, Jean-Jacques Goldberg, Rami Fortis (Guitar)
Producer Eli Avramov, Ovad Efrat
B Side
Al Tadliku Li Ner/Lyrics
HaClique Single Chronology
Last single Tzaleket Ktana (1980)
This single Al Tadliku Li Ner (1983/2002)
Next single Milim Zolot (1998)
Olam Tzafuf Album Chronology
Last track 6 - Ani Avud
This track Al Tadliku Li Ner
Next track 8 - Nimas Li / Shoarey Haimperya

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